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Magical Shuttle offers  daily direct connections between Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Disneyland® Paris.

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Shuttles schedules

Charles-de-Gaulle Hotels Disney

Estimated travel time : 01:00
DepartureCharles-de-Gaulle 2E/2F 09h0009h2009h4010h2010h4511h0011h40
DepartureCharles-de-Gaulle T1 09h5510h3511h1511h55
DepartureCharles-de-Gaulle 2E/2F 12h2013h0013h3014h0014h3015h0015h3015h4516h3017h2018h0018h4519h45
DepartureCharles-de-Gaulle T1 12h3513h0514h0515h0516h0516h5518h20
Terminal 1:
Arrivals Level - Exit 32
If your arrival schedules are not compatible to take the T1 shuttle, follow the directions to Terminal 2E / 2F: take CDGVAL, then follow the signs to Terminal 2F arrivals level, then take the corridor door 8.

From Terminal 2:
2A: Follow signs for Terminal 2C, then Terminal 2E, Arrivals, and once at door 8 take the corridor.
2B/2D: Follow signs for Terminal 2F, Arrivals and once at door 8 take the corridor.
2C: Follow signs for Terminal 2E, Arrivals; once at door 8 take the corridor.
2G: Take the bus to Terminal 2F, go down to the Arrivals level and once at door 8 take the corridor.
Terminals 2A/B/C/D: Take the bus to Terminal 2E, head towards Arrivals and once at door 8 take the corridor.

From Terminal 3:
Follow signs for Terminal 2 then CDGVAL and then Terminal 2F Arrivals, once at door 8 take the corridor.

CAUTION: For your return journey, we recommend that you schedule your shuttle departure at least two and a half hour before checking in at Roissy CDG airport.